Undergraduate Grants For College Students

Various studies have proven that individuals who graduate college earn more in their careers than those with only a high school diploma. The decision to enroll in college and earn your degree is by far one of the most beneficial choices you will ever make. Although college is expensive, the initial investment in your education will reimburse itself through the future career earnings and opportunity that will become available to you once you graduate.

Applying For Financial Aid – What Are My Options?

Every year the cost of college continues to increase, and most students can only afford it by taking advantage of financial aid resources. Many organizations and government programs are working to help aspiring students pay for their college funds, including books and other fees. Financial aid is provided for students through loans, scholarships and grants.

Understanding the subtle differences between these three financial aid options is important. Loans offer a student money that will need to be repaid after graduation, where as scholarships and grants do not have to be payed back, they are what is known as “free money”. Scholarships usually have requirements involving merit status or GPA. Finally, the last and smartest decision, grants. A grant is free money offered to anyone who qualifies and is based on an individual’s personal financial situation and family income, rather than merit success.

Because of the quick emergent-rate of  new financial aid programs, the best way to stay up to date with them all and understand the grant application process, is to contact a local high school or college counselor. These people are experts in their fields and are constantly being contacted by colleges and organizations about new financial aid programs as they become available. Upon your meet with a counselor don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, they are trained to answer all questions you might have and can really help you understand more about the grant application process and what scholarships and grants you might be qualified for.

Government Grant Programs & FAFSA Information

Luckily, today their are plenty of undergraduate grants and financial aid programs to choose from. One of the most popular is the Pell Grant, a government grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education for students with low-income, or a low expected family contribution (EFC). It is of the easiest to grant opportunities to qualify for, and if you apply early acceptance is almost guaranteed.

Another good option that is similar to the Pell grant is the FSEOG Grant, which also offers “free money” to an individual through the EFC system, but is more strict regarding that the student be in dire need of financial aid. If you are an undergraduate student interested in government grant funding, then you must fill out the FAFSA in order to be eligible. Although their are some undergraduate scholarships and grants that do not require completion of the FAFSA, it is highly recommended you do so anyway, because most financial aid programs do require it.

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