Scholarships for Single Mothers

Being a single mother is one of the most challenging things that most women will face. You want to make the choices that are best for you and for your child, but sometimes this seems nearly impossible given the economic realities of trying to raise a child on your own.

Being young and uneducated can exacerbate the struggles that come along with being a single mother. This is why it is so important that single mother find a way to finance their education and make the time for further learning.

Scholarships and Grants for Single Moms

There are now a lot of scholarships for single moms who are trying to attend college while raising a child. These scholarships will help with the cost of education and also with keeping a steady income while reducing work hours in order to attend classes. A single mother should look into these scholarships in order to better her life and the life of her child.

Because there are so many scholarships available for single moms, it might behoove the single mother to go to her school’s financial aid office to discover what opportunities will work best for her. Financial aid offices will often be able to point single mothers in the proper direction for a number of services connected with getting an education. You can start your financial aid research by exploring some of the scholarship and grants below.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program

Ever since they first started providing financial aid to women back in 1978, The Jeanette Rankin Foundation continues to help women everywhere who wish to attend college. This program targets low-income women, age 35 and above, who are in need of tuition funding. Typically the program provides approximately $2000 dollars in scholarships. They have supplied over 500 women with their award. Although the program itself isn’t directly targeting single mothers, being one could very well better your chances of qualifying. More information on grants for women and The Jeanette Rankin Foundation.

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Established in 1990, The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund works to assist low-income single parents in gaining their post-secondary education in order to hopefully better their skill-set for employment opportunities. As of 2012 they have awarded over 30,000 scholarships to single parents in need of financial aid, since 1990. For residence in Arkansas this is a great opportunity for single mothers.

Opportunities for Single Mothers

One of the best things that a single mother can do for herself and for her children is to further her education in order to find a career that will provide more opportunities for her own children. The difficulties in acquiring this education can be manifold. A single mother has to deal with things a normal student wouldn’t have to deal with.

There are additional costs that come along with education, such as childcare for the time that they are in school. In addition to this, a single mother must think of the amount of time that she must take off work in order to attend classes. There must be a good balance between work and school. One must thing of good ways of getting a quality education while raising a child. Fortunately, a lot of opportunities have arisen for single mothers.

Scholarships for single moms are only the beginning. If a woman is truly committed to furthering her education, there are a lot of different things that she can do to benefit her and her child. She should talk with someone at her school to see what kinds of opportunities are available to her. There are so many opportunities available to assist her in her journey towards financial security.

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