Scholarships For Radiology Majors

Radiology, as a career, has immense potential for prospective students. It is both lucrative and rewarding. However, the tuition cost for acquiring a degree or certificate can be a difficult to pay for due to the costly equipment and machines involved and book fees. Fortunately, there are numerous radiology scholarships available all around the world created to help deserving students fulfill their desire of pursuing a career in this subject. Some great scholarship and financial aid programs for aspiring radiologists are discussed below.

Scholarships for Radiology Students

Interested radiology students should take advantage of scholarship and grant programs, many people make the mistake of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for college expenses or end up borrowing finances that they can’t pay back. Taking advantage of financial aid funding can prevent you from ending up in overwhelming debt, which can lead to all sorts of other financial burdens such as bad credit. Below are some viable scholarship programs meant specifically for students pursuing a radiology career.

The Howard R. Raper Radiology Scholarships

Graduate students studying oral and maxillofacial radiology are eligible to apply for the Howard R. Raper scholarship award of $5,000. The application form can be obtained from their website. The completely filled form should be submitted with other required documents such as…

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose Essay
  • At least 3 Reference Letters

Academic excellence and extra-curricular achievements are the basis for selection. The deadline for application is August 15. The entire process has to be carried out online on their official website. Students are required to produce electronic copies of reference letters and other necessary transcripts.

ASRT Education and Research Foundation Scholarships

The American Society for Radiology Technicians (ASRT) is one of the largest and longest existing associations for radiation therapy and medical imaging technology. This renowned foundation offers scholarships for radiology through three different segments, these include…

  • Level Scholarships
  • Professional Level Scholarships
  • International Speaker’s Exchange

Only one award per academic year is given to a particular student. This award covers the student’s entire tuition fees. However, this depends entirely on the availability of funds for a particular year. The criterion for selection is purely merit-based. Candidates are required to submit the application form before February 1.

Jerman Cahoon Scholarship

Every year the Jerman Cahoon Scholarship gives seven select radiology students an award of $2,500 to pursue an entry level program of their choosing. Academically brilliant students stand a chance to win this award because it is purely merit based. The applications are accepted from mid-October with a deadline in the first week of February. Many students in the past have been recognized as Jerman Cahoon Scholars owing to their brilliant grade point scores. Therefore, interested applicants must ensure an exceptional grade point average to win this award.

American Roentgen Ray Society Scholarship Program

Professionals looking to enhance their skills in the field of academic radiology are selected for a cash award of a maximum of $140,000 to pursue either a one-year program or a two-year program. Only two students are selected for this scholarship every year. The applicant should be a MD or DO from an accredited institution. Research background and leadership potential are considered while selecting students. Candidates must apply electronically on their website before November 18. The entire list of necessary documents while submitting the application form is given on the website. Students are required to read it thoroughly prior to submitting the form.

University of North Carolina – Joseph Taylor Radiology Student Assistance Fund

University based radiology certificate program students are eligible to apply for the Joseph Taylor Radiology Student Assistance Fund award, which covers all the educational needs for a financially weak student. Students have to demonstrate willingness towards working in the field of radiology. This scholarship is offered to only one student every year. Candidates should apply directly from their respective financial aid department.

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