Scholarships For Psychology Majors

Students are often dismayed due to the unavailability of too many scholarships for psychiatry. However, there are numerous outside psychology scholarships available to deserving students to pursue a course in some of the most renowned colleges in the world. This article will inform you of the various psychology grants and scholarships for students interested in this highly rewarding and lucrative career, whether you are just a high school student or undergrad in college.

Grants And Scholarships For Psychiatry

Most scholarships for psychology students are offered by either a non-profit organization or a specific university, or to residents of a particular state. Below you can find good opportunities and examples of each type. Additional psychology scholarships can be found by speaking with a school counselor, in which you can qualify for special programs that are only avalialble for students of a certain gender, ethnicity, or minority group.

Nellie Martin Carmen Scholarships For Psychology Students

United States citizens graduating from a high school in Washington are eligible to apply for a cash reward of $2,000, which can be renewed every year during the tenure. Schools in the county of King, Pierce, and Snohomish select the most deserving students for this award. Maximum of 30 cash awards are given to students every year. The last date for submitting completed application forms is March 1.

Bethesda Lutheran – Community Scholarship 

Two Lutheran students pursuing an under graduate course in the field of developmental disabilities are offered a cash award of $3,000 to actively participate in the community activities. A minimum 3.0 grade point average has to be achieved to stand a chance for winning this award. The application deadline is April 15 for this psychology scholarship. However, it is always recommended that students must check the most appropriate date of submission from their university’s financial aid office.

College Offered Psychology Scholarships

Many universities and colleges provide financial aid to all students who are enrolled in their institution, these programs can be some of the best to get into and also easier to qualify because the competition is limited to the students of the school, rather then the whole world. Both the following colleges offer psychology scholarships to students pursuing the major.

  • University of Minnesota
  • Virginia Tech University
scholarships for psychiatry

University of Minnesota

Outstanding undergraduate students, who have completed at least 30 hours of study at the University of Minnesota, are offered the Mortensen Scholarship; a cash award of $1,000 to carry out research in the field of psychology. Academic brilliance and willingness to participate in volunteer activities are the only criteria for selection. This psychology scholarship is not renewable and it can also be utilized to study abroad.

psychology scholarships for college students

University of Minnesota

Virginia Tech University sponsors three under graduate students the Mary Nolan Blackwood Scholarship each year to relieve the burden of tuition fees. $1,000 cash awards are given to meritorious students who have demonstrated commitment to work in the field of psychology. This is a merit based scholarship which is awarded from the Dean’s Fund. Every student enrolled in the university is automatically considered for this scholarship. No separate application forms have to be submitted.

Disability & Sexuality Psychology Grants

The following are grants offered to students who are pursuing a career in a the specific psychology fields dealing with sexuality and mentally handicap individuals. However, students interested in general psychology can also qualify as long as you meet the credentials required by  each program.

Research Psychology Grants

Each year two students are awarded research grants of $1,000 to work in the field of sexuality. Interested students must be members of the society for the scientific study of sexuality. They should also be enrolled in a degree program prior to applying for this grant. The last date of submission is variable. Students can apply all around the year. However, the applications are submitted mostly in between the months of February and June every year.

Grants by Washington Trust Fund (ARC)

Graduate students interested in conducting research in the field of mental retardation are offered financial assistance by the Washington Trust Fund every year. The amount depends on the nature of research proposal and the committee holds every right to finalize the exact amount to be awarded to a particular student. Research proposals should be submitted directly to the trust located in Olympia along with a detailed estimate of the financial support required.

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