Scholarships for Pharmacy Students

Why Be A Pharmacist?

A boom in innovative and specialized health care facilities for billions of people has attracted huge investments in Hospital and Pharmaceutical Sector. This development is accompanied with greater demand for Pharmaceutical study courses all around the world. The entire Ecosystem in the health care industry such as information systems, technically enabled business models, offline delivery and medical devices, pharmaceutical supply chain network, has become a center of attraction for students. However, these courses are a tad expensive because of the complicated equipment and technology involved in it. To balance the effect of costly education, there are several scholarships and grants for pharmacy students that are available in many renowned schools and universities.

Pharmacy Student Scholarships – Choosing A Program

When applying for scholarships and grants for pharmacy students you must meet certain qualifications in order to benefit from specific programs. Eligibility requirements differ depending on which medical scholarships and grants you apply for. Therefore, it is important to find out which pharmacy scholarships you might qualify for, before you being the application process. Examples of pharmacy student scholarships to consider can be found below.

AAPS & AFPE – The Gateway Research Scholarships – Both the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education have joined together to provide pharmaceutical students financial aid through several scholarships. There are three Gateway Research Scholarships, each of them offers $5,000 to accepted applicants. In order to qualify you must have already completed at least one year of your Bachelor’s Degree as an undergraduate pharmacy student. Additional information can be found by visiting either the AAPS or AFPE websites.

Rite Aid – Competitive Pharmacy Scholarships – If you have ever interned or worked at Rite Aid, or have a parent or guardian who has, you can qualify for the competitive pharmacy scholarship. This scholarship requires that you have a GPA of at least 2.5 and have finished at least two years of college education towards a degree in the pharmacy field.  These ten scholarships are $1,500 each, reserved for students who meet the previous criteria. However, if you are located in place that doesn’t have Rite Aid such as the states of Minnesota, Arkansas, and Wisconsin and are enrolled in a school as a pharmacy student you can still be eligible to apply for this program.

Scholarships for Pharmacy Students at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen – Several cash awards are offered to students, who wish to pursue Masters of Science degree in Overseas Pharmacists’ Assessment Program (OSPAP), Instrumental Analytic Sciences (DNA & Drug Analysis, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Toxicology, Environmental Analysis), and Clinical Pharmacy. The awards are available for courses commencing in September and January of every year. Applicants are advised to acquire a Tier 4 Student Visa to be able to undertake the desired course. The university supports a student at every step during the visa application procedure. There is also a mandatory requirement of acquiring an approval letter from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) for entry to these programs. Similarly, students should demonstrate their English Proficiency through IELTS test score. A minimum score of 7 is desired for the qualification process. It should be noted that students from UK and European Union are not eligible for these scholarships.

Additional Information:

After securing admission in a particular course, the applicant is asked to submit a merit scholarship application form along with a detailed statement of purpose. The main questions that are to be answered in SOP’s are: specific reason for application, how you will benefit from the scholarship, and how you will contribute to the committee during graduation. The applications are assessed on the basis of previous academic record, professional experience, or any previous scholarships or grants received in the first degree. The amount of each award ranges from $500 to $1,000. And in case of a clash between two students in term of achievements and academic performance or grades, the award is offered to the student who applied earlier than the other applicant.

Global Excellence Graduate Scholarships for Pharmacy students at University College, London – These are only merit-based scholarships and financial circumstances of a candidate are not considered in any case. On the basis of academic excellence, achievements, and potential to grow, a total of eight applicants are offered cash awards of 5,000 pounds, which are available for tenure of only one year. Candidates must secure admission in the program of their choice prior to applying for these grants for pharmacy students. Students from all parts of the world are eligible to apply, however, one award is reserved for an applicant from United Kingdom, European Union, Africa, India and the Middle-East, China and South East Asia, Australasia, North America, Central and South America. Students who applied before 30th march are considered for the selection process by the respective department. The results are announced in June through email.

These are only a select few of the many scholarships and grants  that are available to college students pursuing a career in the medical field. For instance, if you are a student interested in becoming a registered nurse, or are already part of an accredited nursing program at a school you can help pay off your debt through nursing scholarships and grants. Additional information on financial aid and the application process can be found by visiting our homepage.

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