Scholarships For Hispanic Students

U.S colleges and universities are always finding ways to diversify their population while making their campuses accessible to individuals of all economic backgrounds, religious beliefs and ethnicity. Because of this, many scholarships are intended for minority students such as Hispanics. Those who belong to the minority may qualify for the opportunity of being awarded financial aid through scholarships for Hispanic students, which can help you finance your education.

Scholarships and Grants for Hispanic Students

When searching for scholarships and grants, you might notice that a large sum of them are earmarked for specific groups of people, such as women, minorities and disadvantaged or underprivileged students. It is crucial that you research your own cultural background and speak with college advisers, so that you can find if you qualify for some of these programs that aren’t available to the general population. If you are eligible, you should apply promptly as for the amount of funding is limited per year. Additionally, financial aids usually depend on the student’s academic status, career, and qualifications. The following are some of the different college scholarships for Hispanics, as well as undergraduate grants for Hispanics.

Education Major Scholarships

There are a large variety of scholarships and grants for Hispanics that are given to students based on their particular field of study as an undergraduate. Popular majors like psychology, accounting, business, law, and science in addition to many other studies, usually have financial aid programs that are geared towards students of that field specifically. Listed below are recommended education major scholarships and grants.

  • Broadcast Journalism Scholarships
  • Science & Minority Engineering Scholarships
  • Undergraduate Business Scholarships

Broadcast & Journalism Scholarships

The following is a few scholarship options for students interested in a career in broadcasting and journalism.

Ed Bradley – Broadcast Journalism Scholarships

The application period for this financial program begins early in the year until May. Students who will qualify for the scholarship are entitled to receive $10,000, which can help support their studies. However, the career goal of applicants must be geared towards broadcast journalism. The application form should also be post-marked on or prior the deadline. Learn more about broadcast journalism scholarships.

Ohio Newspaper Foundation – Minority Scholarship

All applicants are required to be college-bound seniors high school students, and they must intend to enroll at the Ohio College for further studies. Moreover, these students should opt to pursue a major degree in journalism, with a GPA of at least 2.5. Students should complete the requirements necessary for this scholarship such as two recommendation letters from faculty members who are familiar with the career interests and work of the applicant.

Science & Minority Engineering Scholarships

If you are a student majoring in any sort of science or engineering field, you should have a look at a few of the following scholarship programs listed below.

Morgan Stanley – Scholarship Program for Undergraduates

The scholarship program established to honor the great visionary Richard B. Fisher, awards financial assistance to exceptional students to pursue an under-graduate career in Auditing, Finance, Science & Technology, Human Resources, Operations, Wealth Management, and Risk Management. A candidate must have secured admission in the aforementioned four year course to be eligible for grants for Hispanics. The basis of competitive selection is entirely academic performance. Students with high grade points along with a good research background have an edge over other candidates. The selected fellows are also offered a summer internship program during the course of study.

Edward Roth Scholarship from Manufacturing Engineering

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship should begin sending in their applications prior the February deadline. Furthermore, they should be interested in pursuing a master’s or BA degree in manufacturing engineering, and the campus where they would study should be accredited by the ABET. Aside from these requirements, applicants must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 or 4.0. Greater preferences are provided to individuals that demonstrate financial need, as well as Hispanics that participate in Co-Op programs.

GEM – Fellowship Program

The GEM offers three options for the fellowship program such as an MS in Engineering, PhD. in Science and PhD. in Engineering. With these fellowship opportunities, students can pursue higher education in these fields. The deadline for submission of requirements and application process is on November 15.

Undergraduate & Business Scholarships

In addition to other fields of study, many financial aid programs target popular majors in order to provide scholarships and grants to a greater sum of people. One of these highly backed career choices is business studies. Students pursuing any type of business related career or major should have a look at some of the following undergraduate scholarships.

Morgan Stanley – Fellowship Program for MBA Candidates

The employer is one among the best choices for MBA Fellowships in the United States available to bright minority students. The financial assistance is provided to students with an exceptionally bright academic record irrespective of caste, color, and religion. The prospective candidates who wish to apply for this scholarship should complete the normal application process to be eligible for an interview. The selected applicants are also offered a chance to undergo an intensive 10-week Summer Associate Training with Morgan Stanley, which usually takes place after the successful completion of first year in the business school. Scholars are advised to apply between the months of September and December every year. The selected fellows are informed by the organization any time between January and March.

Hyatt Hotels Grants – Hispanic Management Students

The educational grant is provided by the Hyatt, which was established in 1988. The fund was created with the support of the U.S Hotel and Lodging, and it aims to provide Hispanic students with financial aid and support. In addition, this grant was ideally for students that currently pursue degrees in hotel and restaurant management. In fact, the company has maintained its investment that can endow a fund of over $800,000.

State of Wisconsin – Undergraduate Retention Scholarships

The application deadline for this grant varies, so it is better for students to be updated by checking the program’s official website. The awards included in this financial program are designed to minority undergraduates and residents in Wisconsin, except for freshmen. Hence, Hispanic students are qualified to apply for the right financial support.

General Scholarships for Hispanics

Scholarships, grants, and fellowships available in United States for Hispanic Students are listed below:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

The Hispanic Fund awards college scholarships for Hispanics for both graduate and undergraduate studies. An amount of $5,000 is awarded to only one student having the maximum grade point average among the list of total students who applied for this grant. Several other financial awards in the range of $1,000 to $5,000 are given to students with bright academic performance. A candidate is advised to complete the free application for financial student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for consideration. She/he should be pursuing a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree at a U.S. accredited college or university. The applications are made available in September, which closes in the month of December. Students are notified in July followed with enrollment verification and award distribution.

Google and HSF Partnered Scholarship

Brilliant Hispanic students majoring in the fields of computer science and technology are awarded an amount of $10,000 to complete their degree. They must be enrolled to a full-time undergraduate or graduate course at a U.S. accredited school or university. Students are required to submit a resume along with the application form. The applications are made available in the month of January with a March deadline. Scholars selection is notified in May followed with award distribution. The recipients of this award are also invited to attend Google’s Scholars Retreat Program, which is inclusive of all the expenses such as travel, food, and accommodation. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3 is expected from the students.

National Society of Hispanic MBA Scholarship (NSHMBA)

The application process for NSHMBA scholarships for Hispanic students commences every year on March 1 and remains open till April 30. The financial awards ranging from $2,000 to $1,000 are given to candidates of Hispanic heritage. They are required to have a full time work experience of 2 years along with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on the scale of 4. If the student does not have work experience, then he is required to have secured a minimum grade point average of 3 on the scale of 4. Prospective applicants are also expected to register for NSHMBA membership through their website. The top 5 students are awarded an assistance of $10,000 each, which depends entirely on their financial needs.

Students can apply only in AACSB accredited business schools such as Auburn University (Alabama), Arizona State University, California State University (Pomona, Bakersfield, Chico, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge, Sacramento, San Bernardino, and Stanislaus), Chapman University (George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics), University of San Diego, and many other eligible universities or schools. The entire list is available on their website. The students who receive the scholarship are required to maintain a consistent cumulative grade point average of 3 or above during graduation, failing to do so may lead to the cancellation of their award. Applicants must submit all their undergraduate or graduate official transcripts along with two recommendation letters from their professors or NSHMBA employers. Students are selected on the basis of academic excellence, quality of work experience, personal essay, goals and aspirations, social responsibility, and recommendation letters. Selected applicants are informed during the month of June via email.

If you are a Hispanic student bound for college don’t stop here, there are other financial aid resources you can apply for. For example of you are a hispanic woman, you can qualify for various scholarships and grants for women as well. Be sure to check out our homepage and other articles for more information regarding grants for minorities and the application process.

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