Scholarships For Dental Majors

Why Should I Apply For Scholarships?

Becoming a Dentist requires many years of schooling and because of this Dental students bear the burden of high tuition fees, which has raised by approximately 50% in the last 5 years. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships for dental hygiene students that are available at many universities and non-profits around the world . Dental scholarships offered by schools and organizations are listed below.

scholarships for dental students

Dentistry Scholarships From National Foundations

As you start searching for medical financial aid regarding your specific major, whether its pharmaceutical, nursing, or in this case dentistry, you will have many viable options to choose from. Below are some scholarship programs that promote students with a future profession in dental hygiene, make sure to apply as soon as possible because awards are limited annually.

The American Dental Association Foundation

The American Dental Association Foundation (ADA) offers various opportunities through the Pre-doctoral Dental Student Scholarship. This scholarship for dental students is available in four different categories: Dental Student Scholarships (25 awards of $2,500 each); Minority Student Scholarship (25 awards of $2,500 each); Robert Sullivan Scholarship (2 awards of $2,500 each); Dr Robert B.D. Scholarship (2 awards of $2,500 each). The awards cover only tuition fees and charges for books or supplies. Students are required to pay for boarding and lodging expenses out of their own pocket. The submission guidelines and deadlines vary according to the school. Therefore, every student must contact their respective financial aid department for this purpose. Besides, applicant must be a second year student of any of the American Dental Association accredited institute at the time of application. Scholarship announcements are made in the late summer sessions every year.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy

The Pierre Fauchard Academy also offers scholarships for dental school students. The foundation has selected universities in U.S.A and other parts of the world to sponsor one student from the third year class for a cash award of $1,500. Students cannot apply directly for this scholarship. At the same time, students have to demonstrate their leadership potential, brilliant academic qualifications, and financial need to be eligible for this award. Dental practitioners are given an opportunity to continue their education in the same school to deliver high quality of dental health care. There are a total of 54 accredited schools in United States; and 28 in other parts of the world.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) provides scholarship awards to talented dental students in which an outstanding summer training opportunity is given. The foundation asks respective dental schools to support transportation charges for the selected candidate. Each applicant must commit at least 8 weeks towards research in the field of oral health care. The entire cost of equipment and training is borne by the foundation. However, students are required to arrange for accommodation on their own. Past research experience and recommendation letters play a vital role in the selection process. The application deadline is in the month of January.

The RBC Royal Bank

The RBC Royal Bank offers scholarships for both dental and medical students. Six different awards of $15,000 each, are offered to academically brilliant students enrolled in a Public Canadian dentistry program. Two scholarships are reserved exclusively for RBC clients. Applicants must apply directly at the RBC Bank’s website. The criterion for selection is entirely merit based. However, some consideration is also given to the financial status of each applicant. The scholarship program commences every year in the month of February.

College and University Offered Scholarships

The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine awards top-performing students in dental school with an option of two different scholarships. Of these is the Dean’s Scholarship and the Penn Dental Medicine Grant. The winning applicant is chosen based on criteria regarding academic excellence and a student’s overall GPA. The award can end up covering half of a student’s tuition costs every year. In order to be considered,  students must submit the following information and documents…

  • PENN Application
  • FAFSA Form
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • DAT Scores

The University of Sydney offers the Noel Martin Scholarship to one student that is in their third or fourth year of study at the school. The awarded individual is given $1,000 to conduct research in the field of dentistry or dental hygiene. Interested applicants have to submit an essay of merit on a specified topic to their respective departments. The topics are relevant to Dentistry and they are changed every year. Students are selected on the basis of consistent academic performance and excellence in clinical aptitude.

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