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If you are passionate about journalism and want to learn about the best practices, then you should take advantage of the variety of journalism scholarships that are available for study in the U.S. and UK. Education in these two countries can be expensive due to their high standard of living, but there are plenty of options to beat the inconsequential aspect in the path of attaining quality knowledge and skills.

When looking for  journalism grants, scholarships and fellowships that are available, you should contact a college counselor to find which you are eligible for. To help you begin your research,  listed below are some grants for journalism that are given to students from all over the world.

School of Journalism, Columbia University, USA

Founded in 1754 as one of the nations oldest universities, Columbia University offers a few fellowships for students interested in a career in journalism. They have additional scholarship opportunities available as well for students pursuing other careers such as business. However, the two fellowships listed below are for journalism students.

  • Michael and Ceil Pulitzer African Fellowships
  • Scripps Howard Foundation Fellowships

1.) Fellowships for African Students – To excel in the field of journalism, this college grants the Michael and Ceil Fellowship to students from Africa. It covers the entire tuition fees for a maximum of two students. Applicants with a good academic past record are given preference. They have to showcase their talent through a written essay of 1000 words. It should highlight their past academic achievements and the exceptional work done in the field of promotional journalism in Africa. Students who commit to work in their home country after completion of the course are preferred for this great opportunity. If you are african american and are interested in minority grants for college, then be sure to read check out are article on african american grants.

2.) Fellowships for International Students – Aspiring journalists from flourishing economies are offered this fellowship to honor the late president, Jack Howard, who established a foundation in the year 1999. The foundation provides full tuition fees and accommodation to deserving candidates who wish to deliver the high-class service in their homeland after graduation. The students commitment to contribute to journalism along with their financial needs are the deciding criteria for selection.


The prestigious Oxford University is one of the oldest universities today, who’s roots stem back to the 11th century. This institution offers the Reuters Journalism Fellowship as well as other financial aid depending on where you live. If you are a resident of England, Scotland or neighboring countries you could be eligible for additional grants and scholarships from this university.

Reuters Journalism Fellowship – This is available to mid-career journalists with a minimum 5 years of on-field experience. The Thomas Reuters Foundation Program covers a monthly stipend for accommodation, food, and general living or travel expenses. Fellows are given an opportunity to research on a subject of their choice through different courses of 3, 6, and 9 month duration. An online application process is available for only Print and Broadcast Journalists. They are required to fulfill the basic requirements of application form such as a personal statement, a professional essay regarding desired research project, 2 reference letters, and a full curriculum vitae.


City University in London is rated number 8 out of all London universities and is committed to the academic excellence and success of their students. This school offers different financial aid programs to all different types of students, some of the most beneficial being their journalism scholarships for graduates and postgraduates. Listed below are some scholarship programs they offer that are worth taking a look at.

  • Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Journalism Scholarship for Post-graduates
  • Company Sponsored Scholarships

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Journalism Scholarship for Postgraduates

Two scholarships are awarded by the university to students who wish to pursue master’s degree in broadcast journalism. It covers the entire tuition fees for the course and also provides a monthly stipend depending on the financial needs of the candidate. This scholarship is available to applicants from commonwealth countries and the criteria for selection is essentially academic brilliance. The students are required to display high proficiency in spoken and written English.

Company Sponsored Scholarships

Channel 4 and British Council sponsor students who wish to pursue master’s degree in journalism. After admission to the course, the students are required to work on a research project awarded by the respective organization. The Scholarship covers only the tuition fees for the course. Other expenses such as accommodation travel, and food are to be borne by the student. An applicant is chosen on his past academic as well as professional achievements. This journalism grant is open to candidates from all over the world. Preference is given to financially weaker students.

If you are a student pursuing journalism, don’t stop here these are only some of the many scholarships for journalism that exist. Many students now a days end up paying off all of their tuition and college expenses throughout multiple years in college just by applying for multiple financial aid programs. This is due to the many non profit organizations that provide scholarships and grants for people of different ethnicity, gender, and minority. You can be eligible for a multitude of different programs either from universities and colleges, or government financial aid as well, due to these categories you can fall under. However, the awards are limited for a certain number of students per year, so be sure to take advantage of the free money that is waiting for you before its gone.

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