Housing Grants For Students

Why Should I Apply?

Expenses for an education is not only limited to paying tuition and miscellaneous fees but housing and rentals as well. If you are studying in a place away from your home, you will surely be spending a large majority of your college funds on housing. Fortunately, you can decrease or save on money on housing by applying for certain housing grants for students.You just have to meet the eligibility requirements of which ever grant you apply for in order to enjoy its many benefits. Student housing grants are not only limited to those which are awarded by the government. Many non-profit organizations and groups now provide grants to deserving students to assist them with their housing needs. Getting an education in a place far from your hometown will be much easier if you take advantage of housing grants.

Government Housing Grants

Housing grants for students are awarded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD housing grants are given to the students who live in far places but do not have adequate funds for housing and rents. In order to qualify for these grants, you will have to pass certain requirements such as proofs of your family’s income and a few others. Once qualified, you will receive an amount per semester that suites your housing needs. Other providers for federal funding are listed below.

The U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education is one of the largest grant providers for financially disadvantaged students wanting to go to college. They offer popular grants such as the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and the Pell Grant. Both of which we’re created to assist college students in affording the expenses of tuition and housing. Applying for these grants requires that file a completed FAFSA form to help give an idea of the amount of financial aid you need. You can learn more about how to apply for government grants and other programs offered by this department by visiting one of the links below.

The grant you will be receiving can either be a federal grant, a local government grant or a district grant. These specific grants may require additional requirements and the amounts to be received may vary. If you are accepted for one of the federal housing grants, you must maintain it, or else  it can be taken away from you. In order to maintain your grant, you will have to do very well in your studies in both your undergraduate and graduate years. This is requested in order to assure that the money provided isn’t being wasted by the government or institution that has issued it, and to ensure it is going to a good cause. Although, not all government housing grants require maintenance grade, but it is encouraged that show your gratitude for the grant by earning high grades regardless.

Non-profit Organization Housing Grants

Certain non-profit organizations also provide housing grants for students. Grantees for these housing grants must pass certain requirements and qualifications specific only to the organization. Some organizations require their grantees to pass essays or articles regarding certain topics before they are accepted. Others grant housing funds for  individuals belonging to an  indigenous group or ethnicity. These non-profit organizations mostly do not require maintenance grades and are usually renewable every semester.

School Housing Grants

Most colleges and universities themselves also provide college housing grants to their deserving students who live far from the school. Some of these schools even own nearby apartments and rent them out to students attending that specific institution. The schools usually provide free board and lodging to students as long as they maintain a strong GPA.

However, housing grants by specific schools are not limited to those who perform well academically. If you are also a talented individual who is performing well in extra-curricular matters, the school may also consider providing you with a student grant. Some schools also require their students to do certain jobs at school like helping in the library or doing janitorial services for free board and lodging. Grants from specific schools are often renewable for every semester as well. When you start applying, make sure to fill out your FAFSA on time and then contact a financial aid adviser to learn about different on campus housing grants.

You should not prevent yourself from getting an education due to lack of funds. Several grants are available for you to help you with your needs. You just have to qualify for the grant and do your best on your studies.

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