Grants For Medical Students

Medical students carry an immense burden of tuition fees on their shoulders. The annual tuition fees ranges from $25,000 in public schools to $45,000 in private schools. In addition, they have to fund the costs related to books or libraries, laboratory expenses, and food & accommodation charges.

It is appropriate to say that on average, a medical student usually has a debt of around $150,000 at the time of course completion. However, there are many private and public organizations that exist today, to help students with this financial burden. These programs provide financial aid to medical students in order to lessen their debt and help to improve the quality of emerging physicians or doctors. Some of the grants for medical students are listed below:

SIR Foundation – Radiology Research Grant

The SIR foundation offers an award of $5,000 is offered to medical students who wish to contribute to the advancement of radiology and patient care. This grant is only available to permanent citizens of United States and Canada. The research proposal must include a designated mentor, who will assist the applicant for a period of three months. A candidate is selected on the basis of the quality of research proposal, past record of designated mentor, resources to implement innovative methodologies in the field of radiology, and his/her qualifications. Funds are transferred directly to the institution where the student wishes to conduct his/her research latest by May 1.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation – Medical Grants

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation also provides grants for students in the medical field. A candidate is selected directly by the institute for an award of $10,000 to conduct research in the therapeutic area such as cardiovascular, immunology, metabolic, virology, and oncology. The foundation also sponsors the entire cost of Professional Medical Session’s and meetings, annual conferences on latest discoveries or inventions, and world medical tours. Applications must be submitted eight weeks before the commencement of desired program. All the grant applicants are required to register on the Medical Education Provider capabilities and outcome portal prior to submission of the application form.

St. Jude – Medical Grants for Students

St. Jude Medical is a company that offers grants to students who wish to pursue a career in the field of cardiology and chronic pain diseases. The selected applicants have to use treatment products provided by St. Jude Medical Foundation. The application process is carried out on their website, which is entirely net-based. They do not accept any written requests. While filling the online application form, a student is asked to submit his/her research proposal along with the purpose of grant. A candidate is free to request for any amount that he/she foresees as a potential investment for his project. However, the approval will depend entirely on the credibility of the research proposal and certain other management decisions.

Ellison Medical Foundation – Biomedical Research Grants

The Ellison Medical Foundation provides annual Grants of $100,000 to new scholars; and $150,000 to senior scholars, are offered to carry out relevant research work in the field of age-related diseases and disorders. These grants are available for a period of four years; and they cannot be renewed. New scholar awards are available to students who are in the first three years of their research career, whereas the senior scholar grant is available to only few selected investigators of a private or public institution or university, profit or not-for-profit health organization.

As you can see, medical students have it the worst when paying for higher education due to the amount of years that they have to commit to in order to acquire their education. The flip side is that because of this, they also have some of the highest paying grant and scholarship programs out there, in which association and government funding is earmarked specifically for them.

Regardless of which field of medical education a student is pursuing, there is still financial aid available whether it be grants for nursing majors, radiology majors, veterinary majors, pharmacy majors etc. If you are a student interested in the medical field be sure to do your research and speak with college officials in order to better your chances of being awarded. The world is teeming with college grants and scholarships ready to be given to hardworking individuals who want a better future for themselves, so now is the time to take advantage while the opportunity still exists.

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