College Scholarships For Pediatric Majors

The cost of tuition fees and other related charges for pediatric majors can be significantly reduced with the help of a wide range of scholarships available to deserving students. Pediatric nursing has a high demand because it requires thorough understanding of the differences in treating children and instructing parents. Certification in pediatrics almost guarantees employment. Therefore, students should make the best possible use of the available scholarships for this career field.

Private College Scholarships for Pediatrics

This day in age students looking to become a pediatric specialist in the future should always try to benefit from financial aid programs offered by different private organizations and colleges. The American Medical Association announced that the expenses associated with the training required to become a pediatrician has increased to extraordinary amounts, leaving most graduates in this career field in a tremendous amount of debt, making scholarships and grants a critical necessity for any medical student or pediatrician major. Applying for any of the scholarships below can ultimately keep you away from becoming a victim of these costs.

National Association of Pedriatic Nurse Practitioners Foundation

One award of $1,000 is offered each year to an academically brilliant student, who also demonstrates his/her potential in effective handling of a particular child related health care issue in a competent manner. The Elaine Gelman award asks the applicant to submit two recommendation letters from the peers; and a personal statement of purpose to describe a comprehensive solution to any child related problem. This award can easily be clubbed with any other scholarship for pediatric students to carry out research work or advanced studies in related fields such as oncology, critical care, and so on.

Pediatrician Scholarship at Purdue University, Indianapolis

Financial assistance in the range of $1,000 to $25,000 is given to practicing pediatric students, who secure a seat in the University’s nursing school. Renee Thompson scholarship is available to undergraduate students, whereas Tyler Luke pediatric scholarship is available to graduate students. The eligibility criterion is different for each course; and interested students should contact the nursing school directly to obtain a detailed report on the requirements and specifications, which vary every year.

Children’s Health Care of Atlanta & HOSA Scholarships

Both these associations work together to offer two scholarships, the “Occupations Scholarship” and the “Chances Scholarship”. Members of Georgia’s Students Association of Future Health Care Professionals (HOSA) are given an opportunity to secure an annual scholarship worth $10,000, which can also be renewed in the second year. High school students with the following criteria are considered for this award…

  • Exceptional Academic Record
  • Considerable Volunteering Work Experience
  • Good Recommendation Letters
  • Strong Personal Statement of Purpose

Likewise, Chances Scholarships are awarded to nursing students who have secured a seat in a bachelors of Science program. The eligibility criterion is the same for this scholarship. However, the personal essays are based on different topics stated by the application form issued to students who are participating in the program.

The American Academy of Pediatrics – Resident Scholarships

Several college scholarships for pediatrics worth between $1,000 and $5,000, are offered to highly deserving residents or interns who are in an urgent need of financial assistance. Applicants must commit first year pediatric residency in a program accredited by the Residency Review committee for pediatrics. One recommendation letter from the Director of the Program must be submitted before the final deadline.


The last date of submission is usually in the last week of February every year, even though selected students are intimated in the month of august. The process of selection is based entirely on the quality and valuable information provided in the recommendation letter, which is written by the director of the program. Therefore, aspiring candidates must pay considerable attention to this part of the application procedure.

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