Asian American Scholarships

Why Should I Apply?

Each year, thousands of Asian American students travel the United States to pursue their college degrees. In fact, about 5 percent of the total population in the country is made up of Asian Americans. Aside from their notable character, they are also known for their high retention rates in college. Because of this, many organizations offer financial assistance and educational opportunities to deserving Asian American students.

How to Find Asian American Scholarships

Those who are in need of Asian American scholarships can find numerous state and federal-funded programs. These grants are available to Pacific Islanders and Asian students who are intending to pursue education at a U.S. colleges or university. For example, for those living in the state of California, state-funded Asian scholarship options include the UC and Cal Grants, which are available for qualified individuals who wish to study in colleges based in California. These state-funded school scholarships can be found in many other states as well. Additionally, associations and foundations also offer scholarships to candidates depending on their selected educational institution, career path and ethnicity.

Before you start the application process, it is important to know that most scholarships granted to Asian Americans have strict requirements and qualifications. For instance, candidates must be US citizens with an Asian background, and they are required to be currently enrolled or aspiring to study in an accredited school in the United States. They should also have notable academic records with a demonstrated need for educational financing. Furthermore, they should be involved in community activities and organizations, to stand apart from other applicants.

Resources For Researching Scholarships and Grants

In order to find out what scholarship and grant programs are available to you, students can visit financial aid departments in universities and colleges, as these provide a complete list of grants and educational funds for Asian Americans. In fact, the federal government has an official website that features grants such as the Pell Grant and student aid programs in the country. You can also check the Asian-American Giving site, which provides a complete listing of educational funds and foundations for candidates.

In addition, most college websites also contain a listing of loan programs and student scholarships. College Tool Kit and other financial assistance websites are operated by private institutions, which give students options in finding the right scholarships to fit their needs. When searching for financial aid, there are several categories to explore, of these is national scholarships, scholarships based on schools and career path, and college scholarships. Some examples of each are listed below.

National Scholarships for Asian Americans:

Although there are a wide variety of national organizations and non-profits that offer Asian scholarships, as of 2012 there is a couple of organizations that should be looked at respectively, for they have helped thousands of Asian students and can do the same for you.

  • The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation
  • The Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation:

The USPAACC is one of the many organizations that help boost the number of students in universities with Asian American backgrounds. Since 1989, it has been providing educational grants to deserving students in the country. In fact, the USPAACC collaborate with several donors, which include huge companies such as CBC, FedEx, Pepsi and McDonalds. Among the grants that may be used for several types of educational institutions are the Telamon, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee Scholarships.  They provide 20 scholarships in a year, and each student may qualify for an educational fund of up to $5,000 annually.

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund:

Another huge organization that offers grants to deserving individuals is the APIASF, which is funded by large companies in the U.S. The organization rewards Asian Americans who are seeking  financial aid for college. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is offered to any minority student regardless of their discipline area of interest. Eligibility for this scholarship requires that applicants have attained a high school GPA of 3.3 or higher, and is a citizen of the United States. For more information on The Gates Millinnium program and minority grants, check out our grants for minorities article. The APIASF has awarded over $60 million in scholarship funding and offers 16 scholarship programs that are intended for undergraduate and graduate students, and therefore is a great option for those who intend to study in accredited educational institutions in the country.

Scholarships for Asians Based on Schools and Career Path:

Professional associations usually provide scholarships for students who are enrolled in a degree program that are associated with their type of industry. Some examples of these can found below, all of which have different award amounts and eligibility requirements.

  • The University of Maryland
  • Asian American Bar Associations
  • Asian American Journalists’ Association

The University of Maryland:

The University of Maryland offers scholarship funds such as the Timothy J Ng Educational Grant and Asian American Studies Scholarship Fund, both of which are for students in the field of Asian culture studies. Applicants can expect to receive about $500 worth of financial aid. Other grants are available to candidates who look for financial assistance, and they only need to contact their school for further details on these educational programs.

Asian American Bar Association:

Students who are opt to attend a law school located in Northern California may apply for financial assistance from the Asian American Bar Association. Students should submit a document that proves their involvement with any Asia-Pacific Islander community, as well as their participation in uplifting communities with economic barriers. The Dale Minami Public Interest Fellowship offered by the AABA, awards qualifying applicants around $6,000 in financial aid.

The Asian American Journalists’ Association:

Students who wish to pursue journalism may avail of undergraduate or graduate scholarships offered by the AAJA. The Asian American Journalists’ Association has awarded over one million dollars to deserving student journalists who are of Asian heritage. These grants are quite competitive and are typically based on the student’s academic excellence.

Other Career-Specific Asian American Scholarships

The National Asian-Pacific American Bar and Japanese-American Bar provide scholarships to candidates that are currently enrolled in law schools.

College and University Funded Scholarships:

Throughout the United States, numerous colleges and universities provide educational opportunities for students with and Asian background. These colleges include premier institutions such as Boston College and the University of California.

  • Boston College
  • The University of California

Boston College:

Boston College, provides Asian-American grants to qualified individuals. Since 1995, Asian Americans who wish to obtain a scholarship must be full-time juniors at BC. They should also have a GPA of at least 3.3, as well as active participation in community service.

The University of California:

The University of California, grants financial support to Asian Americans who opt to pursue law school in the institution. Several other grants are also available in other universities, and students only need to inquire from the financial aid departments from their colleges.

Applying for Asian Scholarship

Most organizations that grant scholarships to Asian Americans require candidates to apply with the association or foundation offering financial aid. The means of application include online submissions or postal mail. These scholarship programs also have deadlines for the application period, which is usually in the spring or winter months for grants intended for the next fall quarter or semester. Moreover, application requirements typically include submission of proof of achievements, certified transcript of records and courses of study, and completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

For further details on how to avail of the right scholarship for your needs, you may visit your school’s financial assistance office, or check out our other articles to inquire about available grants and educational funds.

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